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Year 4 Gingko Class

Class teacher Mrs Louise Palmer-Auld  -

Curriculum Information PowerPoint - Autumn 2021

As promised in the St Lawrence Post, we are now pleased to send you a link to our St Lawrence YouTube channel where you can access the Curriculum Information Presentation for your child's year group.

The Curriculum Information presentation will be followed by a 'Get to Know You' live video session with your child's class teacher during the week beginning 18th October. Apologies that this date is slightly later than originally stated, but we need the extra time to resolve some minor technical difficulties. This is your opportunity to have an informal chat with the teacher in a group video link, as well as being able to ask questions arising from the Curriculum Information Presentation.  We ask that any questions are emailed to the class teacher direct, in advance of the 'Get to Know You' session - see email address below: 

Year 4 Class Update 

Hello Gingko Class Parents,

I hope your children enjoyed our school trip to Bough Beech and have spoken to you about how our water is collected, cleaned and processed. The children were brilliant ambassadors for our school and I am very proud of how well they behaved and the respect they showed to all adults. Additionally, thank you to all of you who spoke to me online or came to talk to me about your child and their progress, I enjoyed all of our conversations and getting to know you.

For the last couple of weeks in Maths, we have been focusing on dividing numbers by 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 and with remainders. We have moved onto looking at word problems and  in the next couple of weeks we will move onto our next unit ‘Further Multiplication and Division’. To further support your child at home, please focus on the link between times tables and division.

In English we have just finished publishing our description of King Tutankhamun’s tomb and we will now be exploring and writing an explanation of how to build a pyramid. The children will be identifying key information from text, looking at the structure of explanation writing and identifying conjunctions to express time and cause. If you wish to support your child further, see if they can give you a set of instructions (for example, how to make a cake). You could make this fun by putting a blind fold on and seeing if your child can instruct you how to write your name blindfolded!

We are making links in our PE and English as the children are currently developing a dance sequence of building a pyramid. In Topic, the children have created our own ‘papyrus’ paper and will be writing their names in hieroglyphics. As a class, we are focusing on our handwriting, making it legible and focusing on the formation of letters.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs Palmer-Auld and the Year 4 Team