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Year 3 Willow Class

Class Teacher Miss Andi Robinson-


Willow Class Update

Willow Class had a fantastic trip to Butser Ancient Farm last week, enriching our classroom learning on the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We explored prehistoric dwellings, created chalk carvings using flint, participated in an archaeological dig for artefacts, wove sticks to build a wattle fence and mastered the tricky skill of cordage to transform straw into bracelets. An outdoor picnic on a huge tarpaulin, feeding porridge to the goats and the coach trip itself were also highlights of the day! Huge thanks to Mrs Hurcomb, Mrs King and Mrs Suttle for accompanying Mrs Schaile and me and also to Mrs Neely, who delighted her old class by joining us for the day!


We have begun our unit on multiplication and division. We are revisiting the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and learning the 3, 4 and 8 times tables, alongside their inverse division facts. Please try to find a few minutes every day to practise these with your child, to improve their fluency.


We have been writing a recount of our trip to Butser Farm to share with our families. We’ve had a lot to think about: consistent past tense, first person pronouns, adverbs of time and ensuring we recount the events of the day in chronological order. I hope you enjoy reading them! Our next reading and writing journey will be a Stone Age adventure story.


In our ‘Light and Shadow’ Science topic, we have continued investigating how light travels and reflection, via a series of experiments with mirrors. Next week, we will explore how shadows are made.


We asked the question ‘How did people’s diet change during the Stone Age and why?’ in our ‘Tribal Tales’ topic, considering their gradual transformation from roaming hunter-gatherers to settled farmers. We replicated cave paintings using stencilling, creating hand sponge paintings and pastel animal drawings on the walls of our ‘caves’.

Please keep finding time every day to hear your child read and discuss what they have read to develop their understanding. 10 minutes daily makes a huge difference!

Thank you for all your support,

Miss Robinson and the Year 3 team