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Useful Links

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Maths Resources for Parents

As parents, many of you already have a strong ethos and routine of reading to and with your children.

Ideally, you are already doing maths through working out costs of items in shops, amount of change needed, dividing up food equitably amongst family/friends etc; but practising maths is something some parents find more difficult than reading, to practise regularly.

Below is a flyer with a link to a website that posts daily fun maths problems often linked to relevant news stories, with questions for differing abilities. The problems can be solved mentally or with pen and paper, and the secret is to have fun working them out rather then “testing” your child to get the correct answer. The website is American, so please excuse the spelling of maths as “math”, but at least it made Mrs O’Mahony happy! By doing these fun activities with your child, as and when you have time, you will help develop their mental maths skills, and, if done in an unpressured way, will also help develop a love of maths and problem solving.