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Useful Links

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Year 6 Beech Class

Class teacher Miss Hannah Blunsdon  -

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Weekly Update

Hello Beech Class

We hope you had a safe and restful half term and enjoyed the weather.

This week you will be learning about Picasso.  If you need some support or if you want to send photos of your learning then parents/carers can email between 9 am and 3 pm.  

Continue to think about keeping safe online -

Best wishes

Mrs Dowsett and Miss Robinson 


Home Learning Week 8

Home Learning Plan Week 8

Week 8 Maths Resources

Week 8 Maths

Week 8 Maths PowerPoint

Net of a cube

Net of a cuboid

Net of a dodecahedron

Net of a pentagonal prism

Net of a tetrahedron

Net of an octahedron

Squared Paper

Week 8 English Resources

50 Books to Read

Spelling Practice Strategies

Week 8 Topic Resources


Picasso PowerPoint

Science Challenge 6

Engineering Challenge 6

Active Surrey Activity Cards


Home Learning Week 7

Home Learning Plan Week 7

Week 7 Maths Resources

Week 7 Maths PowerPoint

Day 2 Coordinates Plotting Challenge


Coordinates Shape Challenge

Fibonacci PowerPoint

Fibonacci Worksheets

Fibonacci Numbers Challenge Cards

Week 7 English Resources

Super six comprehension strategies

Spelling strategies

Week 7 Topic Resources

Engineering Challenge 4


Science Challenge 5


Active Surrey Home Learning Activities for week 7



Home Learning Plan Week 6

Week 6 Maths Resources

Maths Week 6 PowerPoint

Calculating Angles in Isosceles Triangles

Calculating Angles in Scalene Triangles

Angles in a Triangle

Types of Triangles PowerPoint

Sorting Triangles

Week 6 Maths Challenge

Week 6 English Resources

50 Books

Spelling Strategies

Week 6 Topic Resources

The Expressionists PowerPoint

The Expressionists PDF

Science Challenge 4

Engineering Challenge 3

Active Surrey Bingo



Home Learning Week 5

Home Learning Week 5 Plan

Week 5 Maths Resources

Powerpoint - Equivalent Decimal Fractions

Decimal and Fraction Matching Cards

Decimal Fractions Equivalent Number Sort

Equivalent Fractions Activity

Extra Challenge Activity

Tarsia Dominoes

Maths Challenge Week 5 

BBC Bitesize Maths Challenges

Week 5 English Resources

Fronted Adverbials

Super Six Comprehension Strategies Bookmark

Week 5 Topic and VE Day Resources

Engineering Challenge 2

Grow a Sunflower

Van Gogh Powerpoint

Design a VE Day Medal

VE Day Powerpoint

VE Day Word Search

Science Challenge 3

Active Surrey Physifun


Home Learning Week 4

Home Learning - Week 4 Plan

Week 4 - English Resources

50 Books to Read

Strategies for Practising Spellings


Book Review Writing Checklist

Week 4 - Maths Resources

Maths Week 4

Day 1 - Angles in special quadrilaterals

Day 2 - Angles in regular polygons

Day 3 - Problem solving

Day 4 - Problem solving

We will upload Day 5 - BBC Bitesize Maths Challenges when they become available online

Maths Challenge Week 4

Week 4 - Topic Menu Resources

Science Challenge 2

Engineering Challenge 1

Daily Physical Activity Challenges




Home Learning Week 3

Week 3 Plan

 Home Learning - Week 3 Plan

Week 3 - Reading list 

50 books to read before leaving primary school

Week 3 - Maths Resources

Maths Week 3 Resource

Day 1 - Vertically opposite angles

Day 2 - Angles in a triangle

Day 3 - Angles in a triangle - special cases

Day 4 - Angles in a triangle - missing angles

Day 5 - Family challenge Friday

Maths Challenge Week 3

Week 3 - English Resources

The Impressionists

Week 3 - Science Resources

Science Challenge 1


Home Learning Week 2 

Hello Beech Class! I hope you have been enjoying your first week of home learning and having fun outside in the sunshine. It has been great to see how some of you are getting on. If you have produced some work you are really proud of, please email it to me as I would love to see! 

Hopefully you will have noticed additional links that I have added throughout the week in the extra resources session. 

Keep working hard!

Miss Blunsdon :) 

Week 2 - Plan

Home Learning - Week 2 Plan

Week 2 - Reading resources

Shackleton's Journey

Week 2 - Topic resources

Topic Week 2

Week 2 - Maths resources

Maths Week 2 Resource

Day 1 - Calculating scale factors worksheet

Day 2 - Ratio and proportion problems worksheet

Day 3 - Measure with a protractor worksheet

Day 4 - Introduce angles worksheet

Day 5 - Calculate angles worksheet

(Please follow the White Rose Maths Link for video tutorials and answer sheets)


Home Learning Week 1 

 Hello Beech Class! I have uploaded the plan and resources you will need for your first week of home   learning! You may find it helpful to create a timetable for your day - make sure it consists of a variety of   activities including something active. Happy learning! Miss Blunsdon :) 

Week 1 - Plan

 Home Learning - Week 1 Plan

Week 1 - Reading resources 

 Shackleton's Journey

Week 1 - Topic resources

 Topic Week 1

Week 1 - Maths resources 

 Maths Week 1 Resource 

 Day 1 - Using ratio language worksheet

 Day 1 - Using ratio language answer sheet

 Day 2 - Ratio and fractions worksheet

 Day 2 - Ratio and fractions answer sheet

 Day 3 - Introducing the ratio symbol worksheet

 Day 3 - Introducing the ratio symbol answer sheet

 Day 4 - Calculating ratio worksheet

 Day 4 - Calculating ratio answer sheet

 Day 5 - Using scale factors worksheet

 Day 5 - Using scale factors answer sheet