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Year 5 Ash Class

Class Teacher Mrs Suzan Kern  -

Home Learning Zone


Weekly Update 

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to week fourteen of our home learning plan.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me examples of their work.  I love seeing how you are getting on. A big happy birthday to Joseph who will be celebrating his birthdays this week.

Our new learning in maths this week is from the Oak Academy.  The lessons are about problem solving.  You can also continue your learning about shape by completing the White Rose sheets. Pleae answer the questions in your home learning books.

I hope you are enjoying our new topic learning about shape.  Please take your time and really get stuck into learning a new skill.  

Best Wishes

Stay safe

From Mrs Kern.

Home Learning Week 14

View document y5_week_14_home_learning_.pdf

 English: Audio one-chance English: One-Chance.pdf English:kingmidas/Midas_ 

Maths 1:/to-represent-an-interval-across-zero-on-a-number-line   Maths 2: to-explain-a-remainder-expressed-as-a-fraction-and-as-a-decimal  Maths 3:to-interpret-remainders-appropriately-in-the-context-of-the-problem

Maths 4:/to-calculate-the-mean-as-an-average Maths 5:to-add-three-sums-of-money-and-calculate-change  

WO1_Measuring_angles_in_degrees_2020.pdf  WO2_Measuring_with_a_protractor__1__2020.pdf  _WO3_Measuring_with_a_protractor__2__2020.pdf  WO4_Drawing_lines_and_angles_accurately_2020.pdf  WO5_Calculating_angles_on_a_straight_line_2020.pdf


ANS1_Measuring_angles_in_degrees_2020.pdf  ANS2_Measuring_with_a_protractor__1__2020.pdf  ANS3_Measuring_with_a_protractor__2__2020.pdf  ANS4_Drawing_lines_and_angles_accurately_2020.pdf  ANS5_Calculating_angles_on_a_straight_line_2020.pdf



Science: The human lifecycle How to make a tangram  PE: Quick ShuffleTangrams: A Sage's Journey How to make an Origami Crane make_your_own_tangram_template.pdf   tangrams-different_pictures-color.pdf   tangrams-print-sheet5-bw.pdfGeography: top-10-famous-landmarks Art: top-5-sculptures Art: make-junky-funky-sculpture Art: who-piet-mondrian

 PE:The_Scavenger PSHE: Values Challenge PE: Warrior Fitness