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Year 5 Ash Class

Class Teacher Mrs Suzan Kern  -

Hello Year 5.

Firstly, may I say a massive ‘welcome back.’ The children have slotted back into school life brilliantly.  During our first week we enjoyed attending two online science workshops: one called ‘Odd Ways to Measure things’ and the other ‘Incredible Oceans.’  The children also had an enjoyable morning at Forest School where they were able to really reconnect as a class. 

Over the past two weeks, we have been enjoying reading, writing and watching a wide range of fairy tales.  This has led to some high-quality in class discussion and writing.  In maths we have spent time reviewing the units of work which I set during lockdown.  I have been impressed with the progress the children have made. 

Looking forward to the next two weeks.  

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of the next class reader: ‘Dragon Mountain’.   We began reading it this week and are already enjoying it.  As always, I would encourage the children to read or enjoy listening to a story every day at home.  Please record any reading in your planner. 

In Maths we are focussing on learning fractions using the Maths No Problem approach.  This video may remind you of the key language relating to fractions: 

The following link is for a range of maths games you might want to play to help develop your number fluency.  Remember:  ‘The more we practice, the better we get.’ 

If you are looking for something fun to do during the Easter Holidays, Mole Valley have come up with a range of virtual activities.  Just follow this link. 

I really hope you have a lovely Easter and make time to relax and enjoy some sunshine (fingers crossed.) 

Best Wishes, 

Mrs Kern.   


maths-games/daily10  games/7-11-years/times-tables 


Topic - understanding longitude and latitude



 /docs/Square_Numbers.doc  /docs/First_20_Facts.doc  /docs/Zone_1.doc   

/docs/Zone_2.doc  /docs/Zone_3.doc  /docs/Zone_4.doc  /docs/Last_20_Facts.doc


 /docs/Adding_to_make_10.doc    /docs/Adding_to_make_20.doc    /docs/Addition_3__Up_to_18_.doc

 /docs/CommonExceptionWords_Y1.pdf   /docs/CommonExceptionWords_Y2.pdf 

 /docs/SpellingWordList_Y3-4.pdf     /docs/SpellingWordList_Y5-6.pdf